This is where Zips emerge, determined to lead lives of significance. Here, you become part of a true, connected community of earnest, hard-working people. You receive an education with real-world application, so that you're ready to pursue a meaningful career. And through it all, you keep rising.


University of Akron student Larry W.

“My favorite thing about being an Akron Zip is the engaging and active community I’m surrounded by.”

— Larry

Larry credits the amazing teaching staff with helping him grow as a performer and preparing him for the countless opportunities in his career pathway.

University of Akron student Emily A.

“I’m thankful for where I am and the future ahead.”

— Emily
Aerospace systems engineering
Williams Honors College Scholar

Emily attributes her success at earning co-ops at Crane Aerospace and NASA Glenn Research Center to the experiences, skills, lessons learned and family she’s gained from the Akronauts Rocket Design Team.

University of Akron student Olayinka F.

“UA has given me the opportunity to be on multiple student organization executive boards, teaching me teamwork and time management.”

Biomedical engineering

Olayinka has learned on-the-job skills at his co-op at Boston Scientific and is proud of his resume and ability to position himself for success, thanks to feedback from UA faculty during his college career.

Aim high, then raise the bar.

What we make at The University of Akron holds up under pressure. It lifts us all. As an Akron Zip, you’ll join a community that climbs higher together. At The University of Akron, everyone rises.