Recommended course sequences
for each degree and certificate

This is what we formerly called 'curriculum guides'

Here's how to find the classes you need to earn your degree or certificate.

This information is now part of the Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletin on the web.

For continuing students: See where you stand in your path to a degree. In My Akron, go to the Student Center, click on My DPR (degree progress report), then choose "My Academics."

How to find your degree requirements or course sequence:

Using a desktop computer

  1. Go here.
  2. Use the search to find your academic program (mechanical engineering, music education, nursing LPN, etc.).
  3. Select your degree, then look for a tab that says "Requirements" or "Recommended Sequence" 

Using a mobile device

  1. Go here.
  2. In the slide-out or "hamburger" menu next to "Catalog Menu" (No. 1 below), use the search box (No. 2) to find your degree or certificate (mechanical engineering, biology, arts administration, etc.).
  3. Select your degree, then the tab that says "Requirements" or "Recommended Sequence." 

How to access the slide-out menu so you can search for an academic degree